5 Reasons Why I Need To Join The Damn Fine Words Writing Course

I was fresh out of school and had just gotten married, but my husband had to travel for eight months afterwards. So there I was in a new environment with no friends and nothing to do. Rather than drown in self-pity I took to the internet and there I found my love for writing.

What started as a hobby in 2011 metamorphosed into something I never imagined possible. I read a few blogs and was fascinated by the idea that “whatever you Google up, was written by someone somewhere”.

I started experimenting and created a few free blogs but did not pay much attention to them. My first set of writing can be found on Hubpages under the profile name ieesha2.
As I got deeper I realized that people actually do pay to get content written. This changed my thinking and the whole experiment had a new life of its own.

My greatest drawback was joining the content mills, which was the first place I discovered that paid writers.

So I applied as a writer on several content mill sites and finally I started getting responses. I met a friend who at that time had so much to write that he referred a client to me.

This was my first client.

He wanted 50 blog posts and had given me a deadline.

My friend told me that he assured the client that I was a great writer and that he believes in me.

So I started writing…

To date, I have my own website and have had quite a number of interesting clients but still not where I want to be.

I would love to join the Damn Fine Words writing course to help me achieve the following:

  1. I want to sharpen my writing skills and write seductive pieces that will wow clients

The writing skill I have now could do with improvement, it is my believe that learning never ends. I will take the course as a challenge to write better web copy, case studies, white papers and blog posts which are the areas I hope to specialize in.

2.  Ability to find learning peers

I believe that the people you hang out with, most of the time determine what you make out of yourself. Joining the Damn Fine Words course will expose me to like serious minded individuals who are willing to take their writing skills to the next level.

3.  Ability to find a Mentor

In every business, there are people who have been there and done that. These are the mentors we all should find and to learn from. This will hasten my progress and keep me from making mistakes that would cost me time and probably money that is a bit scarce for me right now. Good Mentors I know don’t come cheap and one needs to invest to get one.

4.  Achieving my dreams

If I have the opportunity of learning through the Damn Fine Words course, I will not only use what I learn to achieve my dream of writing quality and compelling copy for my clients, I will also teach others and help them become better writers too. I love helping people and this will help me towards fulfilling this desire.

5.  Gain Confidence

I come from a third world country, where power supply and internet access are not reliable, where English as a second language is questioned.   This course will help me gain more confidence in my writing ability. I do not like setbacks and will always find a way to overcome challenges that come my way.

I am ready to take the necessary steps needed to change me from who I am to who I want to be.

Winning this course will mean so much to me, my business and my life. Would you not pick me as the winner?


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